1. ABOR: Arizona Board of Regents ( is the governing body for Arizona’s public university system.

  2. AHSC Facilities Committee: The AHSC Facilities Committee was initiated in 1988 and is appointed by the President of the University and the Dean of the College of Medicine/ Vice President for Arizona Health Sciences Center. Its mission is to monitor the implementation process of the AHSC portion of the University of Arizona Comprehensive Campus Plan and to monitor all site and facilities development on that portion of the campus. The Committee reviews all site and facilities plans and reports its recommendations to the AHSC Council.

  3. AHSC Master Plan:  The AHSC Master Plan details the proposed use of land at and around the Arizona Health Sciences Center for new facilities to meet the research, teaching and patient care mission of the AHSC.

  4. Building list servs: COM Facilities Management maintains building list servs for all major AHSC buildings to alert occupants of FM work, security concerns, and other pertinent issues. If you have questions regarding the listservs, or need to be added or removed from a list serv, please contact us.

  5. Building reports: COM Facilities Management produces several building reports annually. The permanent, temporary and off-campus building reports contain a color photograph, and information regarding occupying departments and/or centers, maintenance, and programs.

    • Permanent Building Report: This report consists of information and data for all long term AHSC building structures that are UA owned.

    • Temporary Building Report: This report consists of information and data for all on- and off-campus buildings the University owns. Many of the little houses adjacent to AHSC that are occupied by AHSC programs are considered temporary buildings.

    • Leased Building Report: This report consists of information and data for all AHSC leased properties in which AHSC programs and research are conducted.

  6. Departmental space, occupancy and funding reports: AHSC Facilities Management maintains information regarding occupied space and research activity for each COM Department and Center. These reports combine institutional data with the occupancy data maintained by AHSC Facilities Management as provided to our office by Departments and Centers.

  7. Planning, Design & Construction: The mission of Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) is to efficiently and cost effectively provide a high quality, sustainable campus environment and facilities to support the University's teaching, research, and community service missions, and enhance the experience of all who interact with the University of Arizona.  PDC provides the University with planning services that address both the short- and long-range development needs of the campus physical and spatial environment, and guides University users through the facilities programming and design process, and coordinates consultants and contractors needed to complete projects.

    For information regarding current UA construction projects and schedules, to learn more information about PDC’s goals or obtain contact information, or receive information and forms for CDP, the project approval process, job order contracts, and open end contracts, visit the Planning, Design & Construction web page. Telephone 621-1805.

  8. Floorplans: The Office of COM Facilities Management maintains color-coded keyplans for all COM occupied space. These keyplans provide information regarding room use and occupants. The keyplans coordinate with the occupancy and room use information contained within the departmental space, occupancy and funding reports.

  9. PADRAC: The Planning and Design Review Advisory Committee (PADRAC) is responsible for site planning that will meet adopted campus development planning and design guidelines and maintain a sense of continuity campus-wide.

  10. Real Estate Administration: Real Estate Administration is responsible for the efficient management of the University’s physical space resources and real property in support of the UA’s mission. Real Estate Administration collects and disseminates physical space information and manages the University’s land holdings portfolio. Visit the Real Estate Administration web site if you would like to download copies of the Annual Report (report of all physical space acquired or leased by the University of Arizona), Building Indices (by building name, number or address), Inventory data (includes room assignments, program classification, and square footage information for UA buildings), Space Request Form (to request additional space from the UA), or key plans (available in AutoCad and image formats). Telephone 621-1813.

  11. BUMC: Banner University Medical Center – University Campus ( is the 365 bed hospital at AHSC.